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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Getting Insured

Obtaining the right travel insurance before leaving home should be a priority for any PHIVolunteering volunteer. In fact, having travel insurance is compulsory for anyone looking to volunteer on one of our programs. While we do everything we can to ensure your trip abroad goes smoothly and is a fantastic, memorable experience, having a travel insurance policy with an adequate level of cover is essential. It provides protection for you in the unlikely event that you fall sick, lose some of your property or if something is stolen.
As with travel anywhere, incidents can occur that are outside of your control and getting insurance sorted before you leave home is an absolute must. Getting the right level of travel insurance is the responsibility of every volunteer and it’s important to always do your research about what policy will suit you best before committing to a particular provider.
In order to support volunteers to get travel insurance arranged quickly and cost effectively, PHIVolunteering recommends a provider called World Nomads. They have particular expertise in insuring volunteer travelers and they have policies that cover everything you require for your volunteer abroad experience. Best of all, their premiums are very low and can be used to cover your travel outside of your volunteering, in the event that you go exploring before or after your program. World Nomads come recommended by Lonely Planet, so head over to our insurance pages to find out more about how you can get yourself covered.
As an organization operating around the world, we believe having our own insurance is really important. That’s why we have comprehensive insurance and professional liability cover in place for PHIVolunteering as a whole. More information about this is available on request.