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PHIVolunteering by Community Positiv Hub International involves citizen participation and the capacity of society developing and strengthening the skills 21st century .We support to reduce poverty for transformative change that benefits people and planet.
We work together as a community to give substance to model transformative innovation since Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and that aims to contribute to the global societal challenges, as encapsulated in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including climate change, inequality, employment and pathways to economic growth and development

How do we do it .

We have learned from the best international volunteering agencies such as IVHQ.
  • We make safe, quality and responsible international volunteer travel genuinely affordable.
  • Our volunteers provide assistance to the achievement of long term community goals in countries all over the world.
  • Our programs grow cross-cultural awareness and understanding, and foster global citizenship.
  • We provide cultural immersion experiences, achieved by living and working with local people, communities, organizations and families.
PHIVolunteering provides affordable volunteer programs by partnering with organizations based in each of our program countries. We believe this is the best approach to international volunteering because:
  • Local organizations are in the best position to see where volunteers are genuinely needed. The staff in these organizations are locals, they have been raised in the area and know it inside and out. They can speak the local language, they know the local people and are in the best position to provide guidance, advice, supervision and support to volunteers.
  • Partnering with local organizations reduces the costs associated with hosting volunteers, making programs more affordable. This means more people are enabled to volunteer and that enables greater social outcomes to be achieved.
One of the major strengths of PHIVolunteering is our careful selection process in choosing our partner organizations and the high quality volunteer programs that we offer through these partners. Every program that PHIVolunteering offers has been personally inspected by PHIVolunteering. We have experienced the programs first-hand, we have assessed the local teams and we have provided comprehensive PHIVolunteering training to all of our local teams.
See the PHIVolunteering Approach to learn how we are different from other companies out there.
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