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About us

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About us

Community Positiv Hub International is a non-profit organization and its main objective is the development of the capacities of people through innovative educational proposals, supported by the use of new technologies, promoting science, technology and innovation actions to support the realization of the SDGs.
Since its inception in 2015, Positiv Hub has developed and implemented national and regional projects for human development, educational innovation and new technologies. These initiatives contribute decisively to understand the use of technologies in education as tools to expand the potential and functionalities of people.
It has a founding group composed of recognized professionals in various sectors. It has a highly qualified, multidisciplinary team that allows internal and interinstitutional networks to be put into action to execute real impact programs. A group of researchers from the academy completes the Positiv Hub team, articulating the implementation of science, technology and innovation proposals according to the context of each territory or company.
The models that Positiv Hub operates allow to be a pioneering and advanced organization with the use of digital technologies in all its purposes..Return

Our reason for being

Our specialization lies in the strengthening of development capabilities. This strengthening is translated into a structured process of exchange of competencies, mobilizing the actors of change in actions of local, regional and international scope and the influence that our network achieves in public opinion, governments and donors. Return


Our mission is to combat poverty and exclusion. We are inspired by sustainable development goals.To this end, Positiv Hub strengthens the development capacities of disadvantaged communities, supports initiatives for peace, adaptation to climate change, human rights and equity, mobilizes resources and promotes the exchange of knowledge.
Our focus is education for sustainability and to contribute to improving the quality and equity of the learning opportunities of the population and improve their human development through innovative proposals of science, technology and innovation with models focused on people and the use of digital technologies..Return


Community PositivHub International attaches particular importance to the creation of stimulating, productive and ethical work environments. For this reason, the organization privileges actions based on a set of values such as:
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Social conscience
  • Integrity
  • Vocation of service to the stakeholders of our projects. Return


Lead an international network of stakeholders to eliminate poverty and exclusion through learning opportunities for development by promoting citizen and productive participation in the new knowledge society. Return


Positiv Hub governs its actions and programs with a set of organizational principles such as:

Equity, social development and creation of opportunities.
Dynamic transformation and quality of education.
Promotion of creative and productive capacities.
Close the technological gap.
Research, knowledge, science and technology for development and innovation.
Multi-sectoral alliances and collaborative networks.
Ethics, transparency and responsibility.
Intellectual property and plurality of technological platforms. Return

Work philosophy

We show respect for people and any difference that may exist. We reject all forms of sexual, ethnic or religious discrimination. In short, we make sure to cultivate the conditions for a win-win relationship with the other.
At Positiv Hub we believe:

That all people have multiple talents and that society should offer equal opportunities for their discovery and development.
In education as a support for a more just, creative and dynamic society.
In the importance of evolving towards more personalized, collaborative and interactive learning processes so that the student learns at any time and place.
That digital technologies are resources for thinking, doing and collaborating.
That digital technologies can drive a positive change in education by mitigating social, educational and digital gaps, promoting the integration of people in a complex and constantly changing world.
That all human beings are the same community and that together we must mitigate the common dangers. Therefore, we promote collaboration between individuals and help establish links between them through intercultural exchange and international solidarity.
In the equality of rights and dignity of the people. We work to establish equity between men and women in society and in our own organization. Return


Each member of Positiv Hub is a participant in the organization, its mission, its commitments and the responsibilities that derive from them. We, administrators, volunteers and employees, are committed to:
  • Know and respect your code of ethics
  • Know and respect the laws and regulations of the countries that receive us
  • Respect the organization’s slogans, especially in matters of health, safety, training, confidentiality and conflict of interest
  • To contribute to the good reputation of Positiv Hub thanks to an irreproachable behavior and the excellence of the results
  • Work loyally for the interests of Positiv Hub and our beneficiaries. Return