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Affordable Volunteer Flights

To ensure PHIVolunteering volunteers have access to affordable humanitarian flights, as well as 24/7 emergency assist services, we work with a team of expert humanitarian flight agents to make the process of booking your volunteer trip easy and budget-friendly!
Our flight agents specialize in creating customized flight itineraries for international volunteers and will ensure that your flights arrive and depart in alignment with your PHIVolunteering volunteer program. If you would like to travel before or after your program, we can make bookings for those flights also.


Humanitarian fares – Get access to airfares specifically for volunteer travelers through exclusive airline partnerships, that allow for low cost flight changes, extra baggage and cancellations. These are not available when booking online.
One itinerary for your travel – If you book through our flight partners, we can arrange your airport pick-up directly with the local team.
Travel with other volunteers – Traveling solo? Because our team book flights for the majority of volunteers, they will do their best to place you on flights with other PHIVolunteering volunteers traveling to the same program. If you are sharing your volunteering experience with family, friends, or traveling as a group, our team can ensure you are all on the same flight.
Personalized itineraries, designed to work with YOUR travel plans – If you want to travel before or after your volunteer program, just let our team know and we can design an itinerary that works best for you.
Experts in our field – Our team know the PHIVolunteering volunteer programs inside out and can ensure you arrive and depart from the closest airport to your program.
Round the world airfares – If you are looking to travel to more than one PHIVolunteering volunteer program, we can find you the best route and deal for your itinerary.
More reliable and flexible – We use safe and reliable scheduled airlines and we look for changeable tickets whenever possible.


Once you have registered for an PHIVolunteering program, simply request a quote.Our team of Volunteer Flight Support agents will send you a personalized quote within 1 working day.
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