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Carbon Footprint Calculator

PHIVolunteering has joined forces with the UK-based organization, ClimateCare, to provide PHIVolunteering volunteers with a platform to offset carbon emissions from flights to participate on our volunteer abroad programs.
Why offset carbon emissions from flying?
Scientific research suggests that global carbon emissions must be substantially reduced to address climate change. The large majority of PHIVolunteering volunteers fly to our volunteer program destinations and an unavoidable result of flying is carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is used to compensate for carbon emissions from flying and other activities by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.
In addition to the ultimate goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, there are many benefits to offsetting carbon emissions. These can include, but are not limited to; saving energy, providing employment opportunities, increasing tree numbers, conserving natural habitats and increasing awareness of global warming.
PHIVolunteering promote environmental education program in schools to offset our carbon emissions and we encourage PHIVolunteering volunteers to offset their carbon emissions from flying to our programs through the ClimateCare carbon offset calculator.


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