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Corporate Volunteering

Our corporate volunteering packages are designed to amplify innovation, develop critical skills and embed a culture of sustainable development in your organization.
With safe, responsible and affordable programs in more than 40 programs and expertise in employee engagement and corporate corporate social responsibility, PHIVolunteering can design bespoke international volunteering experiences for groups or individuals that deliver tangible value to your business while also having a positive impact in communities. Our customized volunteer packages and CSR events for organizations range in length from one day to 24 weeks, and start from just $US270 per person.
Attract and retain the best talent
Set your organization apart by offering volunteer programs abroad as recruitment incentives, or rewards for high performers. The best people want to work for organizations with a clear purpose and commitment to corporate citizenship.
Develop essential skills and team culture
Use volunteering abroad as a way of developing critical skills and attributes in your people, such as problem-solving, resilience, teamwork and cross-cultural communication. Consider adding a short-term volunteering stint to graduate programs or leadership development course.
Foster creativity and innovation
Inject new ideas into your organization through volunteer abroad programs. Interacting with different cultures in a foreign setting stimulates creativity and innovation, and helps to inspire the leaders of your organization.
Demonstrate your community impact
Show how your organization gives back. PHIVolunteering programs are designed to have a genuine and lasting impact and we only place volunteers on projects that have a need for support, are sustainable, and build capacity in local communities to become self-sufficient. All corporate volunteer programs result in a comprehensive Impact Report that can be used to help you communicate your social contributions.
What’s included?
  • Bespoke program development and support
  • 24 hour in-country supervision throughout the program
  • Volunteers work alongside local organizations in a foreign setting to make a lasting contribution to community projects
  • Projects align with social or environmental needs in each location and include construction and renovation, NGO support, wildlife conservation, sports and arts education, and elderly care
  • Events and programs range in length from 1 day to 24 weeks
  • All inclusive. Accommodation, meals, airport pick-ups, training and project work provided to all volunteers as standard
  • 4 hours project work per day. The remaining time is available for reflection, personal development activities and tours
  • A comprehensive Impact Report. This summarizes the specific contribution and impact made by your organization
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