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PHIVolunteering Fund

A portion of the registration fee paid by every PHIVolunteering volunteer is allocated to the PHIVolunteering Fund, an PHIVolunteering -backed initiative that invests every year into important social and environmental projects. We believe that every organization has an active role to play in supporting the community in which they operate.
PHIVolunteering program office has been based in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia since PHIVolunteering began, and we established the PHIVolunteering Fund to invest directly in the social and environmental initiatives that make this community thrive. The Fund is operated by Education and Development Agency for Sustainability EDASY and has the following goals:
  • Enhancing environmental education
  • Improving skills and enterprise development in young people
  • Improving social inclusion for people with disabilities
  • Enhancing the sustainability of organizations that support people in need
We are long-term sponsors of the education programs, SLC21and P.O.E.T.A which are focused on supporting children and young people in Colombia to understand and implement sustainability practices within their communities. In addition to the sponsorship which PHIVolunteering provides SLC21and P.O.E.T.A, our team engages in volunteering days within rural schools to work alongside students, supporting initiatives like tree planting, sustainable vegetable gardening.
We sponsor volunteer-driven organizations within our local community, including Tobias Emanuel Institute, Sergente Foundation and Buitrera Education Center.
As a social enterprise, inspiring the next generation of social innovators is also important to us. Our propose is to encourage young business leaders in our community to actively consider how they can develop businesses concepts to deliver sustainable positive impacts.
The Fund is primarily funded by PHIVolunteering, but every volunteer also makes a contribution to support the Fund in achieving its long-term goals. We are proud of the impact that PHIVolunteering and our volunteers are able to make to the initiatives that make our community stronger.
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