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PHIVolunteering Registration Fee

You can decide what Registration Fee to pay depending on how much flexibility you want. Some people have travel plans that are set in stone and unlikely to change and that’s why we have a simple Registration Fee option that means you’re not paying for anything you don’t need – we call it Base. But for those who need a little more flexibility, we have our Smart and Flexi+ Registration Fee options to give you greater freedom to make changes or get a refund if your travel plans change.
Allowing travelers to create the right travel experience for them is important to us. It’s one of our founding principles and we embrace it with everything we do – from our extensive volunteer destination options right through to giving you a choice around which Registration Fee you pay. With PHIVolunteering, no matter how and where you choose to travel, you’ll experience the same top-rated volunteer programs, expert customer service and life-changing experience.
Frequently asked questions:
What is the PHIVolunteering Registration Fee?
You have three Registration Fee options to choose from: Base, Smart and Flexi+. Learn more about what’s included in each option. These options give you flexibility and ensure you’re only paying for what you need.
Regardless of which option you choose, the Registration Fee is important because it secures your place on your chosen PHIVolunteering volunteer program.
When you pay your Registration Fee you receive all the benefits of your Registration option, plus the standard PHIVolunteering features:
• Your choice of 40+ projects
• On demand support from your dedicated travel expert
• Detailed program information
• A comprehensive guide to preparing for your volunteer program
• Access to our exclusive volunteer training course
• PHIVolunteering-only deals on flights and travel insurance
Top tip: We recommend registering early so you don’t miss out on a place when the program fills up
 What are the Registration Fee options?
Base – US$299 The Base option is perfect for volunteers who know when and where they are wanting to travel. While it doesn’t provide as much flexibility compared with PHIVolunteering’s other options, it’s great if you’re on a budget. You’ll receive all the standard benefits of being an PHIVolunteering volunteer.
Smart – US$329 This is our most popular option for a reason. The Smart option combines the perfect mix of flexibility with cost-saving value, perfect for travelers who want to keep their volunteering experience affordable, while having the ability to make an adjustment if plans change. Smart option volunteers can make up to one free change to their volunteer itinerary and receive a 50% Registration Fee refund when cancelling in advance.
Flexi+ – US$399 The Flexi+ option is PHIVolunteering’s most flexible Registration Fee option. Your fees are fully refundable if for whatever reason you can’t join your program, and you can also make unlimited changes to your chosen program, your start date, and your program duration. If you’re a traveler who wants ultimate flexibility, this is the option for you.
How do I compare Registration Fee options?
We know the detail matters. Use the table below to discover which Registration Fee option suits you and your travel style best. It outlines the different pricing level, cancellation and change policies of each option.
Here’s the small print, explained:
Tier: Base Smart Flexi+
Cancellation 60+ days from start date Registration Fee non-refundable Registration Fee 50% refundable Registration Fee refundable
Cancellation 30-59 days from start date Registration Fee non-refundable Registration Fee non-refundable, but can be held for use within 12 months Registration Fee refundable less a $50 processing fee
Cancellation 1-29 days from start date Registration Fee non-refundable Registration Fee non-refundable, but can be held for use within 12 months if Program Fee has also been paid Registration Fee non-refundable, but can be held for use within 24 months if Program Fee has also been paid
Changes to program, length or start date 14+ days from start date $50 per change First change free, $50 for each subsequent change Unlimited free changes
Changes to program, length or start date within 14 days of start date $150 per change $150 per change $150 per change
Why does my ability to make changes or cancel my program differ the closer I get to my travel dates?
The closer you get to starting your program, the more preparations have been made for your arrival. For example, your bed is reserved, supervision is arranged, and your meals and airport pick-up are planned.
When you make last minute changes or cancel your program, these plans have to be adjusted and that creates cost for our local host teams, which is why we have greater restrictions on changes the closer you get to your travel times.
We understand that unexpected things can happen and this is why volunteers have access to more flexible options. If you think you’re going to make changes to your travel dates or may have to cancel, we recommend you choose our Flexi+ option.
Why are there three Registration Fee options?
At PHIVolunteering, we believe you should have the opportunity to travel on your terms and choose a Registration Fee that works for you.
We have three Registration Fee options that vary depending on what you need: our Base option is for volunteers who feel their plans are unlikely to change, while our Smart and Flexi+ options provide greater freedom to make changes to your chosen program destination, or travel dates.
Our registration fee options give you control, allowing you to decide what level of flexibility works best for your unique travel options.
What is my Program Fee?
Exactly what your Program Fee includes will differ on some programs, but this will be communicated in advance so you’ll know what is and isn’t paid for.
The following features are included in Program Fees for every PHIVolunteering program:
• Accommodation. This will be either dormitory-style or in local homestays.
• Meals. Most programs provide 2-3 meals per day. Meals incorporate local cuisine, but dietary requirements can be accommodated.
• Airport pick-up. The local team will meet you at the airport when you arrive.
• 24/7 in-country support
• Program orientation. A comprehensive introduction to your host country and volunteer work.
• Discounts on language lessons. Available on select programs as optional add-ons for volunteers.
Some volunteer programs have additional costs for extra supervision, transport or materials, but these will be communicated with you in advance.
Program Fees are invested by PHIVolunteering into the local economy to pay for the day-to-day costs of your trip, like supporting the employment of local people to take care of all in-country logistics.
Top tip: Your Program Fee is due 30 days before your program start date
How do I pay my fees?
To pay your PHIVolunteering Registration Fee simply follow the instructions on the website. If you have not yet applied for an PHIVolunteering volunteer program, start your volunteer application.


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