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PHIVolunteering Responsible Volunteer Travel Policy

PHIVolunteering was established to provide affordable and high quality volunteer programs. The implementation of responsible volunteer travel practices is paramount to any high quality international volunteer program. Here is how PHIVolunteering ensures it leads the way in responsible volunteer travel:
PHIVolunteering markets its volunteer programs in a responsible and ethical manner.
PHIVolunteering manages the expectations of volunteers before they depart through clear communication and realistic descriptions.
PHIVolunteering provides thorough pre-departure support for volunteers through the provision of detailed program information and dedicated program coordinators.
PHIVolunteering works with organisations and people living in the communities where volunteers are placed.
PHIVolunteering manages the number of volunteers on its programs by capping volunteer numbers when a program reaches capacity.
PHIVolunteering screens volunteers for age and qualifications (where relevant) upon application.
PHIVolunteering volunteers must provide an original or a certified copy of a criminal background check to the local organizations at orientation.
PHIVolunteering volunteers must provide an original or certified copy of any required qualifications for their volunteer project at orientation.
PHIVolunteering volunteers do not replace paid employment opportunities for local people.
PHIVolunteering volunteers work alongside local staff in local placements.
PHIVolunteering partners only with organizations that are registered organizations within that country.
PHIVolunteering provides all partner organizations with the PHIVolunteering Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy for implementation on programs alongside local placements.
PHIVolunteering provides training and framework to local staff on best practice volunteer management upon partnership, and continuously through regular visits to ensure programs receive maximum benefit from volunteers.
PHIVolunteering staff make regular visits to the volunteer programs to ensure they are running effectively, to learn more about the programs first-hand, and to collect feedback from volunteers and projects.
PHIVolunteering makes an effort to ensure fees are reasonable for volunteers by re-evaluating fees regularly and analyzing costs with local staff.
PHIVolunteering requests feedback from every volunteer and evaluates programs on an on-going basis, providing extra training and advice for local staff where necessary.
PHIVolunteering audits its programs to assess their effect and impact on the local community. Audit findings are used to ensure all programs are continuously improving in terms of quality, impact and sustainability.
PHIVolunteering allocates a portion of the Registration Fee volunteers pay to the PHIVolunteering Fund. This fund was established to support the placements where PHIVolunteering volunteers work, or projects set up by previous PHIVolunteering volunteers, who are making long-term and sustainable contributions to developing communities abroad.
PHIVolunteering also runs a local environmental education program in schools and encourages PHIVolunteering volunteers to offset their carbon emissions from flying to PHIVolunteering programs through a Carbon Footprint Calculator.
To read more about the PHIVolunteering approach to responsible volunteer travel, see the PHIVolunteering Approach.



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