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Social Volunteer

None of us can change the entire world all by ourselves, but by making small amendments in our own lives and encouraging others to do the same, a snowball effect occurs that can affect the entire planet in time.

Additionally, volunteering is an excellent way to build your experience. Don’t think about the work being unpaid; think of it as a means to an end and an effective way to develop your skills and build your network.

Experience new cultures

Traveling to a different country and experiencing a new culture teaches you a variety of new skills. You learn to become more social, flexible, open minded, and independent.

Make your impact

One of the best ways to make an impact is by breaking ground with new ideas, spearheading new concepts, and originating new proposals.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

A person’s “comfort zone” is called that for a reason: It’s comfortable and safe. However, your comfort zone can also be a place of stagnation — one that keeps you from seizing opportunities for growth, just because it involves something unfamiliar.

Featured Opportunities

What will you gain?

Apart from the satisfaction of working for a cause you care about, here are some of the personal benefits you might get as a volunteer:
A better resume
Marketable skills
Knowledge needed for a future business
Networking opportunities
A job with a business or non-profit that does related work
Volunteering Leads to Skills, Which Can Lead to a Better Salary
Working as a volunteer is perhaps the easiest way to quickly improve your resume, which could help you earn more down the line.

A life-changing experience a few clicks away

1. Connect

Contact us and we can start matching you with opportunities.

 2. Search

Filter search results to find the perfect opportunity that fits your skills and interests.

3. Interview

Once we find a match, we can start the process of organizing interviews and putting things in place for your volunteering.

4. Confirm and Go

Congratulations! You’ll have made it through the interview. From here we’ll get you prepared for your new adventure.

Feel at ease with our support

Logistics Support

We ensure you get the right visa, arrival pick-up information before your experience and departure instructions post-experience.

Clear job description

We accompany you to the workplace on the first day, ensure your job description and goals are clear, and working hours/duration align to the initial description.

Safe living conditions

Life and health insurance is mandatory for taking part in PHIVolunteering. You will get information about accommodation and basic living costs.

Learning experience

We set clear expectations, provide cultural preparation and facilitate learning spaces before and during experiences.
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