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Volunteer Abroad as a Group

PHIVolunteering offers a range of options for group volunteering and we’re experts in creating customized volunteer group trips that expand horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding and make a positive contribution to community projects.
Our 40+ programs are perfect for volunteer groups and we regularly accommodate university groups, schools groups, youth groups, families, and corporate teams.
At PHIVolunteering, we create customized itineraries that provide a safe environment for group members to learn, grow and challenge themselves. We do this through impactful volunteer programs and cultural immersion.
Groups that volunteer abroad with PHIVolunteering choose us because of our affordable fees, our tailored service from experienced volunteer group trip experts and our approach to safety and responsible volunteering. We offer every group a range of value-added services, such as detailed pre-departure training . Read more about how we can support your groups below.


FAQs for high school volunteer programs

• What age can I join PHIVolunteering?
• Are PHIVolunteering’s teen volunteer programs safe?
• What information do my parents need?
• Can I do any PHIVolunteering program or project?
• How do the guardian consent forms affect me?
• Will someone be there to meet me at the airport?
• Who will accompany me abroad?
• Will there be people my age on the program?
What age can I join PHIVolunteering?
There are a number of ways you can volunteer with PHIVolunteering depending on your age:
Under 15: You’re able to volunteer as part of a group (for example, a group of students from your high school) with parental/guardian consent. You’ll need to be accompanied on the program by a designated guardian over the age of 18.
15 – 18 years old: You have the option to join two different types of teen volunteer abroad programs.
PHIVolunteering’s Supervised Youth Adventures are fully supervised programs available to 15 – 17 year olds, which allow teenagers to travel independently and experience a set volunteer abroad itinerary with a group of other teenagers from around the globe. You are required to gain parental consent and two satisfactory character references. These packages are only available in exclusive destinations, as you will be supported 24/7 in-country by a local coordinator in lieu of a guardian abroad.
The second option, Independent High School Programs, is for 16 and 17 year olds who wish to participate independently on a program with parental consent and two satisfactory character references. You can choose from volunteer projects in more than 20 destinations and will receive 24/7 support from the local team, but not full time supervision.
Are PHIVolunteering’s teen volunteer programs safe?
PHIVolunteering places thousands of young volunteers around the world each year and we are committed to ensuring teen and high school volunteer programs are safe, reliable and responsible. We do this by providing the following support and services in each destination:
•PHIVolunteering Local Teams: PHIVolunteering partners with local volunteer organizations in each program location. Our local teams are responsible for providing 24/7 support to volunteers throughout the duration of their volunteer program. PHIVolunteering has a careful selection process in choosing our local teams and every program that PHIVolunteering offers has been personally inspected and approved by PHIVolunteering staff. We have experienced the programs first-hand, vetted the local teams and provided comprehensive PHIVolunteering program management training. Our local teams are well equipped to provide effective volunteer programs and take care of you in-country.
•Airport pick-ups: Our local teams meet our volunteers as soon as they arrive. If arriving by plane, the local team will pick you up from the airport. If a flight is delayed, they’ll be there to collect you when you land. If arriving overland (for example, if you plan to travel in the country before your volunteer program starts), our local team will make alternate arrangements for your pick-up so they can meet you.
•Volunteer accommodation: Teen volunteers are accommodated with other volunteers in a safe community near their volunteer placements. Our accommodation providers have been hosting international guests for many, many years and are well versed in hosting visitors who are new to the country. You can be sure that you and your dietary requirements will be well looked after. Plus, our placements and accommodation locations are continually monitored by our staff to ensure our volunteers are happy and comfortable.
•24/7 support: When you apply to volunteer abroad with PHIVolunteering, you’ll be connected with a dedicated Program Manager. They’re experts when it comes to volunteering abroad and will help you prepare for your volunteer abroad journey. Once you arrive at your volunteering destination, you’ll be met by the local team, who are on hand 24/7 to provide assistance on any matter, from making the most of your volunteer project to tips on how to spend your free time.
What information do my parents need?
We understand there are a lot of questions that parents and guardians have when it comes to sending their children abroad. From pre-departure checklists to in-country specifics, we’ve thought out every aspect of our teen and high school volunteer programs.
To start, we recommend you read our volunteer abroad information for parents. This guide aims to provide you with a base understanding of what makes PHIVolunteering the most trusted volunteer provider. Our experienced Program Managers are here to provide you with any additional support and answers to any questions you have once your teen has applied for a volunteer program or package.
Can I do any PHIVolunteering program or project?
We have tailored our teen and high school volunteer programs to provide options that are best suited for youth volunteers, including our Independent Teen Programs and Supervised Youth Adventure Packages.
If you need further clarification on these options, head to the web page for your chosen destination. We are also happy to help with any questions you have!
Why do I need guardian consent forms?
For under 18 travelers, the guardian consent form is one of the most important pre-departure checklist items you need to complete before you depart. If you’re under 18, we require written consent from your parent(s) or guardian(s) and two satisfactory character references.
These forms are legal confirmation that you can travel with PHIVolunteering as a minor. They are non-negotiable for participation. Your Program Manager is happy to support you through the process of obtaining these once you have applied and registered with PHIVolunteering.
Will someone be there to meet me at the airport?
As part of all PHIVolunteering programs, a local team member can pick you up whether you arrive via plane or public/private transport. This information is confirmed and secured once you’ve registered for the program.
Who will accompany me abroad?
There are three different options for support on our teen and high school volunteer programs:
1. Take part in a Supervised Youth Adventure Package (15 – 17 year olds) and get guardian consent to volunteer with full supervision from the local team, who will be with you throughout your entire program to provide support.
2. Take part in an Independent High School Program (16 – 17 year olds) and get guardian consent to volunteer independently. Our team of local coordinators provide 24/7 on-call support throughout your program and will check in with you periodically.
3. Take part in a standard PHIVolunteering program, accompanied by a designated guardian who is at least 18 years old. This guardian can be a friend, family member or teacher, but it must be someone known to you and your parent or guardian must provide consent for you to volunteer on the program with them.
Will there be people my age on the program?
Much volunteers are aged between 18 – 24, so there’s a strong chance of having at least some fellow volunteers of a similar age as you. Depending on the program you volunteer on, there is also a high chance of having other under-18 volunteers on the program with you.
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