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Volunteer Health and Safety

Volunteering abroad is a great way to expand your horizons, learn about new cultures and make a valuable contribution in a foreign community. But alongside these rewards are some inherent risks that need to be understood and well managed.
As a responsible provider of global volunteer travel, PHIVolunteering takes great care to keep volunteers safe. We know that travel to a foreign country can be a little daunting and we have developed a comprehensive approach to managing risks across all of our programs that gives volunteers the knowledge and confidence they need to stay safe, secure and healthy while abroad with us.
Select any of the below sections to learn more about why we’re trusted as a provider of safe volunteer travel by volunteers every year.
Before You Leave Home
Through our online safety training, comprehensive information booklets and the ongoing support of our experienced Program Managers, we help volunteers get well-prepared for their volunteer program with PHIVolunteering. Read more
During Your Program
Learn about the procedures PHIVolunteering and our local teams have in place to support the safety of volunteers on our programs. Read more
Emergency Response
Our experienced teams do everything they can to keep volunteers safe from harm. They provide exceptional 24-hour support and are well prepared to provide a rapid response in the unlikely event of an emergency. Read more
Top Volunteer Safety Tips
See these top volunteer safety tips to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to keep yourself safe while traveling and volunteering abroad. Read more
PHIVolunteering Risk Management Policy
Every volunteer should be supported to have a rewarding experience that is safe and risks need to be well managed. Learn how PHIVolunteering manages risk and how we ensure volunteers can be kept safe while abroad. Read more
Getting Insured
PHIVolunteering does everything it can to ensure your trip abroad is memorable for all the right reasons. But it’s wise to make sure you have an appropriate level of travel insurance, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong. Read more
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