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For nearly half a century, Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education has been working for the advancement of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity in Canada and around the world. Through transformative human rights education programs, Equitas provides individuals the necessary tools to shape attitudes and positive behaviours, thus contributing to lasting social change. Its human rights education programs have measurable impacts and its methodology is recognized around the world for its quality and innovation.

Equitas was founded in Montreal in 1967 by a group of eminent Canadian scholars and social activists, including the co-drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, John P. Humphrey, women’s rights activist Thérèse Casgrain and the “ambassador of persons with disabilities”, Dr. Gustave Gingras. The co-founders strongly believed that education in the field of human rights would lead to more social justice. Equitas, a non-profit organization formerly known as the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, was created to transform that belief into reality.


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