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Community Carbon Trees plants biodiverse tropical forests to grow our global community. We connect you with the men and women of Costa Rica who are paid to plant trees. Our mission:

  • Combat climate change
  • Create resilient community economics
  • Grow biodiverse habitats

Plant a tree with Association Community Carbon Trees (ACCT) and go carbon neutral! ACCT offers solutions to deforestation and climate change by connecting local farmers with people all over the world. Get the reforestation projects details.

Reforestation starts with a seed, collected from over 100 native species and sprouted in one of our tree nurseries. Local men and women are paid to plant and maintain saplings for four years, ensuring the establishment and longevity of the tree. Our women’s group is paid to prepare the fertile soil needed to grow vibrant trees! The local people are also rewarded for maintaining trees long term because valuable rainforest products are produced and sold. With sustainable incomes grown out of direct forest conservation and regeneration, all of us can solve some of the most challenging environmental and social issues of our time. Learn more about us.

Reduce your carbon footprint and plant a tree! Offset carbon dioxide from your lifestyle or production process in a reliable and transparent way. Together we can create social, environmental and economic well being in the tropics and across the globe. What are you waiting for? We know how to stop global warming! PLANT A TREE

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Pay community men and women to plant 30,000 trees (65 species) in biological corridors covering water springs and rivers in Guabo Valley watershed near Pacific ocean. All farms owned by Costa Ricans. Build sustainable businesses like production of fertile soil, production of trees, sustainable eco-tourism and forest management practices promoting long term rainforest conservation. Combat climate change thru permanent capture 30,000 tons of CO2. Excess water vapor transpiration. Repair soils.


Pay Costa Rican men and women to produce, plant and maintain native trees in biological corridors on their own farms.Take pressure off logging rainforest by creating sustainable interdependent business. Max offset CO2 and transpiration excess water vapor to combat climate change. Reforestation in critical watershed reduces ocean acidification through erosion control and lower temperatures. Produce sustainable organic food and forest products. Preserve water, diverse species flora and fauna.

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