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What is JAAGO Foundation?

  • JAAGO Foundation is a movement initiated by the youth of Bangladesh dedicated to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. We hope to break the cycle of poverty through the education and rebuilding of our nation.

  • How and when did it start?

    JAAGO Foundation started its journey on 14th April, 2007 when Korvi Rakshand and his friends rented a single room in the Rayer Bazar slum area. With a single dream of changing the lives of the children in the area, Korvi and his friends began teaching the 17 children who showed up.

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    This project will help expand JAAGO Foundation’s free-of-cost English medium school, which run exclusively for the underprivileged children. All of the 2200 students currently studying in the 13 schools coming from incredibly disadvantaged families. These children would have never got the opportunity of quality education had JAAGO not taken this initiative. The curse of illiteracy and poverty force these kids to become child laborers, which JAAGO is trying to prevent through this initiative.


    The ultimate goal of this project is to provide free of cost education of international standard to these destitute children, so that they can eventually extricate themselves from the clutches of poverty. The project will also focus on their emotional, physical and holistic development by taking care of issues such as their nutrition, hygiene, health care, so that these kids are able to grow up and make a place for themselves in the world as Global Citizen.

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