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The Divine Providence Foundation is a private, non-profit social action organization whose main purpose is to provide lodging, food and care assistance to children under 18 years of limited resources who do not reside in the city of Cali, children who have Cancer, non-infectious diseases or transplanted bone marrow or other organs that must remain in the city while receiving medical treatment or post-transplant care.

We base our work on contributing to improve the quality of life of children with oncological diseases mainly, taking into account that in a high percentage of the diagnoses of this disease are curable, if detected in a timely manner, provided with adequate treatment and have a Support network during the recovery process.
What do we do in detail?
We provide lodging and meals for the child and her companion (female), throughout the treatment protocol and medical controls in the city of Cali.

In addition, during the child’s stay in the foundation, we offer a series of recreational and non-formal education activities through volunteer and social responsibility groups, support with nursing auxiliaries in authorization processes, medical appointments, knowledge of institutions Medical, among others. We also provide counseling and counseling for the child and his adult companion.

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About Cancer

Throughout our life cycle, the human body has an orderly process in which human cells grow and divide to form new cells as our body needs them. After this, when some cells age or are damaged and die, new cells come to replace them and this process is lived consecutively throughout our lives.

When a disease like cancer reaches a body, this orderly process becomes uncontrollable and as cells become more and more abnormal, old or damaged cells survive when they should die, and new cells form when they are not needed. These additional cells can be divided without interruption and grow in a way that the body can not control and can form masses called tumors.

Cancer is a disease that currently affects a large part of the population; Adults, youth and children. Punctually, and in children cancer affects differently than adults. For example, many adult cancers result from exposure to cancer-causing agents such as tobacco, diet, sun, chemicals, and other factors that have to do with environmental and living conditions. While the causes of most pediatric cancers are still unknown.

In children, the most frequent types of cancer are: leukemias, tumors of the nervous system, bone, lymphatic system (lymphomas) and liver.

Childhood cancer is not treated by a pediatrician. A child with cancer must be accurately diagnosed and treated by teams of pediatric oncology specialists. These devices are usually found in large pediatric hospitals, high complexity centers or reference university centers.

Another difference to be noted is that childhood cancer has in most cases a better prognosis than in adults. It is important then that all children have access to the appropriate treatment in the time indicated.
The experience of a child with cancer and his family is a stressful process, but it is an opportunity to recognize strengths within the family.

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