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One Community is a non-profit organization creating self-replicating living models that simultaneously address the foundations of every challenge our planet is currently facing.

This page will give you a comprehensive overview of One Community. It also serves as a path to navigate our website. It contains the following sections:

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duplicable city center, solution based thinking, One Community, SEGO Center, city hub, recreation center, eco center, sustainable living, ecological living, green living, eco-recreation, group laundry center, for The Highest Good of AllThe Duplicable City Center is a diversely functional, ultra-eco-friendly (LEED Platinum Certifiable), space and resource saving community center designed to be replicated. It is meant to be (but doesn’t need to be) built as the central and/or starting point of any one of the 7 One Community sustainable village models. Its purpose is to support a redefinition of how people live by providing a space more beautiful than most people’s homes that replaces the need for individual kitchens, living rooms, laundry rooms, and other in-home recreation spaces. It is also purposed to function in conjunction with One Community’s open source non-profit and for-profit business models as both a non-profit teacher/demonstration community, village, or city center and/or the central structure of an eco-tourism destination.

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